Canal Watch

Yes in Amsterdam there is a unit called “Canal Watch”, just like in CA you have Bay Watch. Canal watch is a group of dedicated men and women patrolling the canals, on the outlook for tourists who are not used to canals.
These tourist do things like….
park their car and when they step out, forget there is a canal, and they go down into it
get too high, or too drunk and just stumble into the canal
forget there is no barrier and while enjoying great French Fries, just walk into the canal

Enjoy here “Canal Watch“.

This short video was produced by Boom Chicago in Amsterdam as part of one of their shows. I do love the “Dutch” of the English / American Comedians. We bumped into Boom Chicago a while back when we enjoyed the video of Greg ShapiroAmerica First, The Netherlands Second” . On our next trip to Jan-Kees we went to the show “Trump up the Volume”, and later “The madness of King Donald“. Covid hit and Boom Chicago did a few virtual shows. I was able to buy a ‘be in the show ” ticket for Deb with Matt and Stacey‘s show “Going Steady” Deb did very much enjoyed it, so after we did “Groundhog Day” I was able to have her join an Intro course in Improv, at Boom Chicago. Walking back to the tram afterwards, Deb was like a 5 year old hop skipping with joy. Thus her Birthday present was ….an 8 week course on Improv with Stacey. That REALLY made Debs summer from an “ok because of better controlled Covid, we are in a better place than back in the USA” to a “YES a great summer, I am doing this fun stuff” 🙂

Can it be warm when we arrive?

So when you leave a boat for a long period you winterize all, and turn the heat off. But you can also make a black box (it is a grey one actually) to control the heating, and the 3 way valve. And allow the heat to turn on when you are on your way to the boat.

We have a great Kabola Combi heating unit, using the radiators and heat exchanger to keep us warm and cozy and to also allow us to take long hot showers. We ‘inherited’ an electric hot water boiler which is also generating hot water when the engine is running. Great more cooling capacity!!

So we need to combine all in one unit, and I came up with the following solution/logic. Use the 2nd relay in the Venus to turn the heating on just before we arrive, and a 24V solid state relay to control the 220V to the Kabola.

Select if you want to use the Kabola or Engine heat?
If on engine heat, do we want to use electric to provide hot water ( for emergency use)?
If the remote on is not active, over ride it.

So you can see to top switch up is Kabola and the green light labelled Kabola brightens the day 3 way valve on Kabola and down is engine, and it lits the yellow light and turns the 3 way hot water valve to the Vetus boiler


So you can see to top switch up is Kabola and the green light labelled Kabola brightens the day and the 3 way valve is on Kabola.
Top switch down is engine heat/ cooling, and it lits the yellow light and turns the 3 way hot water valve to the Vetus boiler

Under the green safety is the switch to override the remote. The remote is a function of using the VRM app of Victron, allowing to turn a relay On/Off remotely.

I could ultimately also include a switch to turn the electric on for the Vetus IF the switch is on engine

Here we see the box again with a 3rd bottom light showing that the remote is on

The 3 way valve is 220 V. Blue -> neutral, Green ( pos1 ) to mains, Brown ( pos2 ) to mains

This valve is controlled by the double pole 2 way switch, selecting Kabola or Engine.


One of this years bigger project is….was. putting in double glas with sun reflective coating. So after spending many hours online we found one of the cheaper ones One advantage was, they had an ‘inmeet service’, where they had somebody come and take the measurements, the advantage……anything wrong….their problem. Yes customer service in Holland/Europe is not exactly the same as in the USA. Try calling with a complaint and to the typical American way “I need to speak to a supervisor”. Many times that is done by hearing a click and you are disconnected. Or when you have an answer and call back later you might hear “Ah no that was a wrong answer, sorry”

The previous owner had installed single glass, and left a width of 22 mm.

Because of “Ground hog day” I had to reschedule it a few times, but the first week Thursday the measuring guy came. His result was …

Window 3 and 10 were my big worries, he also added the correct profile to mount them. I was first worried I had to rent or buy a table saw to get the correct profile. The profiles on itself were close to. €190. Unfortunately these ONLY came in white, so I need to get some other color to paint them.

With 22 mm available the profile added another 5 mm, so the total width became 27mm.
3mm foam, 4-13-6 and another 3 mm making is 29 mm fitting in the 27 mm, because of the foam

The next day I had the quote, paid and 2 weeks later the windows were delivered, but……yes you guessed it #3 and #10 were wrong, they were rectangular, even though they were measured correctly and even though on the quote they were described correctly and when I called them before I paid they confirmed these windows were not rectangular. A call back to them and the factory would remake them quickly.

I was able to install both front windows that day. On the bottom and sides space holders were placed to make sure expansion because of heat was possible and between the wood and glass there was 3 mm thick foam tape. Max was coming to help me the next day with the others, since there is not much room to stand on the sides of the pilot house
When Max came to help me I had bought one of these vacuum grabbers to help with holding the glas in place. Max also corrected me when I said “the sticker goes on the outside” , just as I keep hearing on the youtube video’s.

but LOOK the sticker CLEARLY says …..INSIDE….so I had to redo the front windows.

With max’s aide the other 6 windos went in smoothly.

Because the profile to hold the glass sticks out, the solution to keep the top part of the door open with a clamp is not working anymore, so I installed a hook and eye, also much safer.

Road trip & McD

Yesterday, Sunday August 3, we drove to Sneek, together with Mint, to pickup Daniel who had to be back, because his Grandma (93 yrs old) passed in her sleep, and August 4th was the funeral.
When we arrived in Sneek we saw Oving1, surrounded by a few smaller boats, and we also saw that Lars brought his dekschuit, and had secured his camper on top, as a more comfortable sleeping place.

Because Daniel wen to Sneek with Oving1, I was going to bring him back to his barge. But we needed to fill the tank of the Volvo and grab some food with the other 2 passengers. So first we filled up the Volvo, a mere 15.8 gallons. ( 60.39 Liter) @ €100.19. Translating to $7.10/Gallon. Perhaps now you realize why public transport is sooooo much more used in Europe. Even though if you travel with 2+ persons , a trip over 50 km is usually cheaper by car.

After fueling the tank we went to McDonalds. They do have the Covid-19 distancing under control, Only ordering via a screen, 1/2 the place marked off for no use. The nicest surprise was, they have bitterballen ( 4 pieces in an order.). Bitterballen are the quintessential bar food in holland, the size of hush puppies, but filled with steaming hot Roux ( or as some refer to it thick gravy) with bits to meat in it. Normally they are served 8 in a potion. Yes you can also get them filled with shrimp, salmon, sateh. but that is for the special people.

Now not to promote McD, but in The Netherlands, they have Veggie McChicken and Veggie homestyle Chrispy Chicken, just funny that Vegetarian dishes are not available in the USA. !! They even have gluten free Ham burger, Cheese burger and Quarter pounder.

Market Day

As soon as the person from was done measuring up the sizes for the new windows we trotted off to the market.

Masked on, we were struck by the change of lay out compared to previous years. Normally it is 4 rows of stalls, divided in with 2 pedestrian routes. But all stalls were placed on the perimeter of the market, facing inward, leaving more than enough space for socially distancing.

Entrance sign explaning the rules
Each stall has their own way of ensuring distance

I trotted off to the herring monger to get my first taste of Nieuwe Haring again.

Sorry Lam

Deb went for her 2nd breakfast, or was it pre-lunch ( 10 am ) for Kibbelingen. She ordered them in very perfect Dutch, but was a but dazzled when the counter person did a follow-up question, but Deb ACED it ( As you know from the news ACING a test is THE thing to do this news cyle)

nicely keeping distances

I did ‘protected’ her by taking the first ones, who were just way to hot for her to consume. After getting some bacon we went for bread and I took some pictures for a blog follower who enjoys pastries. Kinda hard buying JUST ONE almond pastry, when you used to eat 4 to 12 last year ! But I am following Dr’s orders.

We also went to Blokker to buy some other kitchen gadgets. Please do comment what this one is.
here is a hint…….This Dutch teacher has some great video’s for people wanting to learn Dutch.

Measuring tape in CM and the Finlandia to trow you off course

Yes we will bring one as a souvenir for the correct entries.

Finishing the afternoon with Apero snacks, Radler, Dark beer and Startrek Enterprise

A new shower

The original shower was made out of wood, which was functional, but it had its limitations….sloped floor, drain with limited capacity, so it had to change.

For evacuation of the water I ended up with a Whale IC.

shower base . vandammekunstof . sides schulte douchemeister