Steelwork, a small scrape, pancakes

Thursday August 10

Waking up on the boat we see the relaxed scene, and you smell the cacao transports

Currently the sink runs the drain to a hull through, which is connected with a T and also serves the shower.  Problem here is the top of the hull through is higher than the sink so draining is slow, plus when the shower pump works,


part of the shower water goes back into the sink until all is drained.  In the past I have estimated that we could just drain the sink directly overboard with a hull through, and had Marius confirm it.  So after also Daniel measured it, I was confident to dril a pilot hole into the side of the boat, once the pilot hole was through, I climbed on the side and saw that the hole was about 3 inches above water.  Perfect thus.  Grabbed the bigger hole saw and started drilling, until bang the drill flew out of my hand, one of the teeth of the drill was bent and had grabbed.  so the guiding dril bit was bent.

So after replacing it, I started drilling even more careful, squirting enough WD40 to keep it lubricated, and got through.  Together with Daniel we got the hull through in and I attached the hose to the sink and it drained perfectly.  Only thing to do now , is to cap of the T for the shower drain.

Daniel worked some more on the diesel tank, we got the airvent in and the second fuel line through to the engine room.

We also got the hull through opened for the engine room bilge pump, there was a watering hose, together with duct tape and something glued to the outside, it took some work, but we managed to clear it, and now I was able to slide the nice reinforced hose with the whale bilge pump on.

In the same area we saw that the steering cable track was loose, so we bolted it back in place and the steering cable was laying on top now, protected…but wait for it…  there is  more.  We did our goodbye’s from Oving1.  We casted off, and made the turn.   BAM very hard steering and hardly any movement in the wheel.  I was able to coax back Jan-Kees to Oving1 while at the same time calling Daniel.  We again attached to Oving1, and played with the steering wheel and all seemed to work.  We added more lines to the bollards and pressed with the throttle.  We went in the back and  the cable was laying on top af the guide, and getting in between the guide and the exhaust.  We followed the cable and saw that the exhaust was attached to the track with a tie-wrap, which prevented the cable to rest in the guide to protect it.  Once we cut the tie wrap, the cable snapped in place and ran smooth as a babies butt.  We did our second set of goodbye’s and went on our way back to Dukra.

Deb was at the wheel and life was PERFECT,  we grabbed a glass of wine and a Hertog Jan and some Borrelnootjes.   Bridges were going smooth, and there was the Prins Willem Alexander Bridge.   We have been under that one before, but I made the mistake of not paying attention and directed Deb to the ‘normal’ starboard side.  (Coming from the north we had to go to the port side of the bridge. ) The side I was directing Deb to was slanted, so I pointed to the most left side of the bridge opening.  Deb being more careful than I am  approached very slowly and I walked to the front to measure the distance, and it was TOO low,   Deb quickly did a full reverse, and manage to correct my direction mistake by getting away with only a small scratch on the aluminum profile of the solar panels.  But it did put her in a very down mood.  She took it way more badly than I did.   Besides we do have insurance for these kind of things!.    I took over the wheel and we had to do some maneuvering to get out of there.




Here you see the track of when we kissed the bridge



















Here is the full track of the day










The rest of the trip was uneventful and the mooring at Dukra went smooth.

Later we met up with Coen from Oersjoch and went to the pancake house at the lock.  We had a Mexican Pancake and a Boemerang pancake.

Hurry Up and wait

Wednesday  August 3

Today was our planned trip to “de Veght” a nice meandering curvy river, where in the golden age all the rich merchants had their weekend homes.

BUT Daniel informed us that there was going to be some very very heavy wind on Thursday, so he asked if it would be ok to take Jan-kees along Oving1 through Amsterdam to “nieuwe Meer” where the crane of Oving1 was needed to lift a generator on the scouting float for Saturday’s Gay parade on the water in Amsterdam. And then return with Jan-kees either via Amsterdam, or via Haarlem

So just after lunch Oving1 arrived, he had to time his trip according to the opening schedule of the railway bridges.  Got Jan-kees  out of the slip , and attached the ropes, and ….yes it always happens at such a moment Matthijs of Victron called to do some testing on the Venus, for a bug I found.  So while handling ropes, and trying to talk on the phone and typing….VETport showed up, with a clinic being down.   When it rains it pours.

So Matthijs had to be on hold for a little bit, and VETport was dealt with.  All while we filled up both barges with Diesel.   Daniel got a nice discount because of the scouting!

We made sandwiches onboard Jan-kees and brought them up to the large pilot house of Oving1, just before we entered the Noordzee Kanaal.  Daniel reported himself on CH 4 to Amsterdam haven, the ‘traffic control’ for that very  very busy canal.   Then in Amsterdam we turned South into the “Oude Hout Haven ”  ( Old wood harbor).  Since we were still tied up 3 wide, we looked at the ANWB app on the Ipad and saw that the first 4 bridges were over 11 wide.  Wide enough for Jan-kees tie to Oving1, but the orange sloop had to be loose.


Here you see Oving1, with ‘little’ Jan-Kees on the left side


Mint and I jumped in the sloop and brought it to the Markthallen, where we tie it up and connected it to the FREE electric charge station.  Yes electric boats get FREE propulsion on many places in The Netherlands.
We walked back to to crossing of the ‘tweede kostverloren straat’ . (the second ” I lost my food/ money street’) and Markt hallen to jump aboard again.    At that moment we had to untie Jan-kees from Oving1, since it would be easier.

The next bridges were all around 2.45 – 2.50 meters high , so we had to wait until they opened, which would take anywhere from…no wait at all, to 15 minutes.  It ook some maneuvering with a bit of wind.  At the end of the “2e Kostverloren straat” we had to wait for the lock.  Once it opened there was not enough space for jan-kees to get in there with Oving1 and all the other boats.   So a ‘dance’ was started of reversing, turning, forward etc, since it could not take that long, well WRONG we were .  So after about 15 minutes ‘dancing around’ we just moored at a bollard.  In the mean time about 8 little boats were also waiting, so you know what is going to happen when the lock opens…….yes .    RUSH, as fast as you can ..all the boats, not bothered by traffic rules or common sense rules dashed in like a pack of hungry wolves  on a meat wagon.   One dipwat ran past Jan-kees on Starboard and immediately in front of the bow turned to port.
We got out, saw Oving1 and tied up.

We strolled around at the scouting camp and saw the float they are working on.  Loved their slogan


Because it was late we could not do the route we wanted to do …ringvaart, Haarlem and then back to Zaandam.

Around 5:15 we had to wait, since bridges were not opening during rush hour, so I made some noodles and some Indian.  While we were moored a for Dutch points was overdressed for a work day and he complimented us on the name “Jan-kees’ .  Deb engaged in a bit of  discussion about being ‘refugees from America’, and Daniel and Mint looked at me and rolled their eyes, not because of Deb’s remark, but because they knew what was going to follow………”yes I understand you want to escape Trump,   but don’t you find comfort in the Lord”.  Yes you guessed it, a Jehova’s witness on a recruiting tour. Luckily Deb invoking the “flying spaghetti monster religion” and saved the day.

Dinner onboard, in the middle of Amsterdam on a canal

At 18:00 the bridges were opening again, but we had to follow a German in a ‘yacht’, Grandpa onboard kept warning his son who was steering their boat, about the impending danger of the old Dutch barge looming close behind him.

Deb took the wheel, while Daniel watched and suggested tips.


Here is DEB steering


Here Deb is passing a big freighter in Amsterdam

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Here is a collection of pictures along the route


We also past the Jacob Cats kade , where they had a picture of that famous Dutch painter


I went and enjoyed my coffee on the front of the boat, got a nice wave from some Turkish woman having some snacks on a bench along the canal and saw Amsterdam pass by gently.



A great day.

Arrived July 17

After a very uneventful flight with hardly any sleep, but great silence thanks to the noise canceling head phones. we were greeted by the familiar “Mind your Step” voice from the rolling pathway. Then a quick good morning of the Dutch Immigration (a female Wachtmeester of the KMAR)  we stroled to the luggage belt.  The moment we arrived the luggage was being dropped off, and we quickly saw my Orange bag.  Deb’s bag  did not showed itself, so we waited and waited and at a sudden moment Deb pointed to a black bag, I shook my head, her bag had a jeans/ western print……BUT only on the front.  So the poor bag was going round and round without being noticed.   Moving onto the Rental car counter, we were met with long long queue.  Finally we got our papers and it was a ….Fiat 500…. Up the walking bridge, the stretch to the elevator, down 2 floors and we got the number of the car and it was a new car, only 3 km.  The rental agent pointed….”it is behind the poster.  and there was a cute white Fiat with an Italian license, but there were dings on it.    Confusion abound…..walked back to the rental agent and he gave me the location again…..well it was not the w

hite one , it was the black Fiat 2 doors over.  Loaded up and off we went.

Leaving the parking garage we turned on Homer,

IMG_1810who quickly guided us to Zaandam. Unloaded, walked the Jetta and there he was…Jan-Kees

The first thing we noticed was the new railing which Daniel had put on  during the weekend, and painted in primer.




We dropped our luggage, opened the windows shades, windows and wheel house top doors to get the air flowing and dropped on the bed exhausted.


About 40 – 50 minutes later we hear “hello hello” . it was Lam who just returned from his trip to Paris.

He took the train the 13 to be in Paris with Bastille day, and just got back.  He was able to secure some great chocolates and wines.

We just chatted and relaxed, when to the Turkish Donar place, bought food, sat int he wheel house, drank more wine and fell asleep bliss fully.

















Ok so Marius was going to spend Pinksteren on Jan-Kees.  Even though Marius helped a lot the last upgrade trip in April/May I still made a new ‘start-up’ list ( from Marius and for Lam) on Thursday June 1st.  I was barely done emailing this list to Marius, and my phone rang with Marius . “We are here in this luxurious boat, what do I need to do” .  Quickly I gave a run down…Flip the battery switches, plug the hot water heater in,  open the front hatch, fill the water tank, put the fuse back in the water pump line, let the water run” .   I also had to tell again where the fuse was located.      About 15 minutes later……A Grolsch ringtone…Marius again…”The water is not not running, and the head pump is not running either” .    ….”Ok    we know there is shore power, because the lights work, so grab a volt meter, from under the sofa and check if the batteries are 12 V” .     ” Yes they are” .   …..”Ok .  follow the lines from the battery…there should be a red and black line going to one of the 5 plastic conduits on the port side” .dc1      ”  mmmm you mean these rolled up lines?”


Now lets look tot he battery…How many connections on each pole ?   OH only Odc2NE… from the alternator.









So Ron who was installing  the Kabola unit, must have removed the lines, because they were in the way.  As soon as they were attached, all pumps were running.

See now 2 connections on each pole of the battery.  The alternator and  to the DC circuit.


As “work” Marius measured the height of the sink drain, This decides if we need a grey water tanks pump for the sink, or a straight hull through, like we have at the washing machine.  Luckily the bottom of the sink is also 60 cm of the floor, like the washer through hull, so we can safely make a straight hull through, which we might also use temporarily for the shower pump.

Once we have enough time we will buy a whale gulley IC, which is basically a drain mount  with the electronics and the pump a bit removed from it, to pump it out directly.  Probably best with a douche tray.  Marius measured the size and it was 76 X 96 cm wall to beam on the wall of the boat.  If we use the beam as bottom we have 86 X 96 cm, which will be a good size for a standard shower pan.

Add. April 2018.  Having spend a lot of time trying to find a decent fitting shower pan, it seems a tad too much money and adjustments, size wise, that it just is easier to make a pan of thin wood, and fiberglass it. We need to make a border all around, so that the water never will spill. The current height to the drain pan is 9 cm, so we have 10 + cm available from the current shower surface.  The Gulley drain is 62 mm so more than enough space.  The border should be 5 – 10 cm. at the front.  Need to measure this, because it is on a bit of a slope now.  This way we can mount the pan so that it is nearly level.   The border should be higher on the sides, so the walls can be mounted over it, to minimize leakage.   Probably easiest to make a frame of 2*2 slightly sloping to the center, covering it with thin wood and then kevlar fiberglass on top , making it water tight.

Pic gulley IC .    SG 8484

gulley 50mm


whale_gulley_ic .



May Trips

We did go twice to Uitgeest with the boat.

The first time was with Remy, we did so the 1st of May.  We were followed by Cornelius in his sailing boat.   Leaving Dukra, I called the lock on the VHF, but no response, a few minutes later, again tried to ..Then at a sudden moment ” This is a group channel” or so ….DUH the vhf was on channel 20, while it had to be on channel 18.   We puttered around a bit for the lock, Cornelius cam racing out, and we heard the lock stating there was a commercial going in with us, a few words back and forth and we were allowed to go in first, BUT the lockmaster ( mistress actually this time)  kept mentioning she could not raise the sail boat.  I jumped in and notified all that I would warn the sailboat and off we went.  Luckily the first bridge went open, because it ws very close for us with the roof clearance. Marc did the ropes.


After the lock we let the commercial go first since he would open all bridges, which was important for Cornelius.

Here we are entering the rail road bridge





Remy took the wheel for a bit, and I took over for the bridges.


In Uitgeest, the Alkmaarder meer, there was some wind from the east, and after looking I wanted to go to the dock with the wind behind us . ( baaaad….) . so I went back on the lake….and turned around, and redid the mooring with the head into the wind.   Daniel was already there and shaking his head because I was going a tad too fast.

marc_wheel_cornelius watching.JPG

May 4, Thursday we went back, because Ron was coming on Friday for some discussion etc.

Cornelius went back with us which made it quite relaxing, since there was a lot of wind.


May 6, Saturday we went back to Uitgeest again, filled up the tank. E45.60 Moored next to Oving1 and finished the solar panels, the Inverter.


Marc Enjoying lunch.








Next to Oving1

On the Alkmaarder meer you can only stay 3 days at the same ‘wild’ mooring post, so Daniel had to move his boat ( plus jan-kees, plus the orange sloop whom both were moored along side)  He pulled up his spud pole, and puttered of to a nice wild mooring place.

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May 9, Tuesday we went back to Dukra, there was a lot of wind, as you can see.  When we came to the  Stierop, scouting area we saw a big commercial coming after us, so I gave a bit more throttle, so we could get into markervaart before them , and then ease back and let them open the bridges.



A nice peaceful sunny day, the solar panles giving enough power to make coffee and do other things.   Under the Raildroad bridge I stopped the boat and let Marc measure up the distance from the bridge to the front deck, and to the pilot house roof, so we could make a correct height Geusje in the front ( 95 cm)

Arriving at the Zaandam lock we saw 3 commercials before us, so we just drifted along . a nice very well painted Tjalk came along , waved at us and wanted to tell us all about their trip last year to the west coast and National parks.

Out of the lock we turned into Dukra we went under the bridge and at a sudden moment the bells went off,  It seemed the water was a big higher and the solar panels on top triggered the automatic opening.

Going into the mooring was a piece of cake, except as usual the dingy of the neighbors was pretty much in our space.