Hoor de wind waait door de bomen

Saturday July 29

“Oh hear the wind blow through the trees” . the beginning of a St Nicholas song, and correct at that December time.   That song popped up when I woke up….blimey the flags on the mast were enduring quite hard winds,  Yes there was rain too, quite a lot. more than the normal 19 drop Dutch rain during the day.  It was only 6:30 am, around 9 am it got sunny and nice.

When Deb woke up, she wanted to take a shower, which she would enjoy..since we have UNLIMITED hot water …but her shower only lasted a minute or so….       “what happened?”  ..”it is cold ” Her reply was.   Bloody hell again troubles with the Kabola.  So even though one never calls a supplier on a Saturday I did call Ron and explained it to him and asked for him to come by during the week.

I went into the roof to clean up the wiring on the battery/ inverter system and pull a few more wires for the bilge, when I heard Deb say ” Visitors” and it was Ron and Jochem, on their bikes.  Ron went into the engine room, and concluded it was something to do with the circulation pump and air in the system.   Jochem asked me if I had a ‘ontluchtings sleutel’ . ( a key to let air out of the hot water heating system  )


I replied “well you know the installer ( Ron) told me earlier this week that he would bring one by the barge, but he has forgotten me ”  To which Ron answered ” see you can never trust these installers”

Once they left I had to dash to Hornbach and Klaas Mulder to get some parts.  I had dropped a little screw from the Battery monitoring shunt and I needed extra plumbing for the water tank, so I could install the new pump, and have an easy way to blow the pipes with air to winterize.

At Hornbach, I found the screw, but the plumbing department was like Home Dumpo or Lowes .  ”  I don’t know, why don’t you use our quickfit system and this is not my department” . So I was rather peeved when I went to the checkout.  Presented my 76 cents of screws and when I pulled out a Europe, the teller pointed to my plastic bag with the parts I took along to see how to fit them . “what about these?”  “Uhmmm these are mine whom I took to see for fitting!”  ” Well I think they are Hornbachs” . “Uhmm NO you dont have these items” . ” Sir we have 30,000 items so we definately have them” ” wel i took them in myself” .  “well next time anything you bring in you need to show so they can write you a ticket” .   “what????? so I need to show my underwear?    what about my key ring, I KNOW you sell them here too” . OH I really nearly broke loose in a rant. I just walked out, and hope Praxis across the street would be a better place.   FAT chance……their assortment is even smaller and asking if anybody can help  in the plumbing department is being answered ”  I only work here not in plumbing and nobody can help you”

So back in the boat I had to take a beer and relax.

Hey Jan is the boat locked?

WHAT…this message popped-up on Whatsapp.  Well yeahhhhh the boat is locked!,  Lam texted me this message, so because of all the commotion with his work he forgot to take the keys with him, and he was already in Chicago waiting for his final segment.   So a quick back and forth texting started.  Where to first solution was Daniel arriving tomorrow at the boat after work, and then a second solution was pulled out of the hat by me; Mint, she was off work tomorrow and with the offering of a big bag of Dark Chocolate M&M’s she would drive by Daniel and get the keys and meet Lam between 12:00 and 13:00.  Since his plane lands at 10:20 he might have to wait a bit…so he bought a nice bottle of aged rum.  More to come.

So at 05:25 EST  ( 11:25 local) I got the text  “At Jan-kees, harbor master had keys, Zaandam is very nice.Almost bucolic, checking if shore power is on, so the M&M’s don’t melt”.  I read it and went back to sleep, to text back at 07:45 EST.  Then Lam calls, all happy, abut the Market, eating Kibbelingen, shopping at Hema and the fact that he is on hollliday and does not need to do didly!

A good start after all .