Reach out and touch

For internet acces there is a 4G modem with a sim card. From there the internet goed to the Venus and to the POE webcams. Now on occasion the connection seems to want to take a few days off. I can fully understand that with all the noise and pretend ‘news’ being broadcasted over the internet, but it means there is also no data coming from the Venus and the Webcams.
Resetting is easy, just ‘press the button’. Unfortunately unless there is a human onboard that can’t happen.

Now the Venus, having had a lot of critique, because connected using the internet wifi receiver is not 100% reliable. (The internet wifi was designed to give a local pad or phone access to the control pad). So they came up with a band-aide feature….If there is no connection for a period of time, the Venus will reboot.

The Venus has 2 internal relays…later we will hear of the new version of O/S which can connect to Signal K and Node red, thus allowing many more relais. Both are used, one for the shore power on/off , the other for the remote control of the heat. Now since the last is not that important we can use that relay to use on the hotspot. Use it to connect the power. if the hotspot decides to take a break, the Venus will reboot, turning off the relay when powering down, then turning it back on when booting up, thus effectively rebooting the hotspot.

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