Canal Watch

Yes in Amsterdam there is a unit called “Canal Watch”, just like in CA you have Bay Watch. Canal watch is a group of dedicated men and women patrolling the canals, on the outlook for tourists who are not used to canals.
These tourist do things like….
park their car and when they step out, forget there is a canal, and they go down into it
get too high, or too drunk and just stumble into the canal
forget there is no barrier and while enjoying great French Fries, just walk into the canal

Enjoy here “Canal Watch“.

This short video was produced by Boom Chicago in Amsterdam as part of one of their shows. I do love the “Dutch” of the English / American Comedians. We bumped into Boom Chicago a while back when we enjoyed the video of Greg ShapiroAmerica First, The Netherlands Second” . On our next trip to Jan-Kees we went to the show “Trump up the Volume”, and later “The madness of King Donald“. Covid hit and Boom Chicago did a few virtual shows. I was able to buy a ‘be in the show ” ticket for Deb with Matt and Stacey‘s show “Going Steady” Deb did very much enjoyed it, so after we did “Groundhog Day” I was able to have her join an Intro course in Improv, at Boom Chicago. Walking back to the tram afterwards, Deb was like a 5 year old hop skipping with joy. Thus her Birthday present was ….an 8 week course on Improv with Stacey. That REALLY made Debs summer from an “ok because of better controlled Covid, we are in a better place than back in the USA” to a “YES a great summer, I am doing this fun stuff” 🙂

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