Payback feels so good !!

No I did not beat up another, no I did not got “even” with another. Even though the old motto during the Military Service was “Hij die de ouwes paalt, paalt zichzelf twee keer”. He who screws around with the ‘older one’ wil get screwed back twice. No the solar panels have paid back their investment.

The 2nd year of Jan-Kees we installed 4 260 Watt solar panels @ €130/piece. The marina charging the outrageous price of €0.40/kwh, most hoover around that price. In the beginning we stayed on shore power when in the marina. Last year I started to unplug us even when in the marina and only leave the barge plugged in while being away from the barge for a longer period. I had not asked Daniel to program the Victron Multiplus with assistants yet. Which resulted in about €20/mo.

As of today the four 260 Watt panels generated 1541 KWH and at the ‘Marina rate’ that would be €616.40. thus more than the €520 we paid for the 4 panels. O.k I do have add on the MPPT and the cables, which would run around $240. So as of 2021 Free energy from these 4. Now let’s see when the back panels (€220) have ‘earned’ their keep.

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