Automation/ No we have a pretend “generator”

When we bought Jan-Kees there was a generator, but with the addition of first 4 and then later 2 more solar panels totaling 1736 Watt (4 * 265 and 2 * 340W), it would be only noisy and take up space where a second water tank could go. Besides Daniel also installed a 90 amp, 2.1 KV alternator, which woudl also charge the bank.

But if we plug into shore power, when moored, it would always draw power, and emptying our bank account. So stay we connected to shore power, let the solar panels do the real work, and only allow shore power in when the SOC gets below a set %. A Victron Multi plus has no generator input, thus we have to grab some ‘assistants‘. Connect the relay 1 of the Venus to the Aux of the Multi and we can set up the parameters so that it will see shore power as a Generator.

Then we just go into the venus setup and go through the steps.

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