To wear or not to wear, that is the question

So this is our 2nd day in Zaandam, and it the wind died down to a very gentle breeze. Sitting on the back is delightful now in the sun.

We did do grocery shopping yesterday at Albert Heyn. Deb started off wearing a mask, but after about 2 city blocks she saw nobody was wearing one, so Deb removed it. People walk around each other with a nice distance, or wait until you are passed. The big shopping street, Gedempte Gracht, has signs on the ground, suggesting which way the flow of pedestrian should go.

walking direction
With the bridge crossing they even added a divider

Pedestrians keeping a good distance. Not seen anybody commenting on us wearing a mask. So much nicer than back in Ohio.
Went to Blokker, yes put on a mask before entering. Mine has the text “Alles Kits?” ( all ok ? ) . The entrance and exit are clearly marked and everything is one way. Hand sanitizer available at entrance and exit. Bought a handmixer there, so I can continue to make Cauliflower Mash, and minimize carbs. Then continued to Albert Heyn, only the self scan registers are open, and yes when you paid, you get the choice of a ‘full’ receipt’ or a ‘short one’ which have a bar code on it, opening the exit gate.

Walked passed the T-mobile store, and they just have the door open but roped off, because all employees are helping a person. Great way of controlling!

T-mobile. Filled to capacity

So the gist is, people wear a mask when they can not keep distance and nobody made it political. I am sure we will encounter one Karen during our stay here.

2 thoughts on “To wear or not to wear, that is the question

  1. Ohio will soon be making Masks mandatory. We are waiting for details!
    Glad you are away from virus and the slasher still large! Enjoy and post pictures of the pastries!!


  2. Great fun! Nice to see how other countries are controlling things without screaming at one another like the US!


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