Why Jan-Kees

Well it was just using Dutch tradition……wordplay…..giving it meaning…..and trying to show what we are.

So Jan-Kees is a very common Dutch name.   But as you know the Dutch founded New Amsterdam, which the Brits renamed to New York, after they had an arm wrestle with Peter Stuyvesant in 1664.  The Dutch got even with the Brits by sucessfuly invading England in 1688, after Michiel de Ruyter kicked the British navy around a bit in 1667.  A good movie actually.

Many American words, are left over of the West India Company settlement of New Amsterdam/York.  Like cookie instead of the English Biscuit, Harlem of the Dutch City Haarlem.  You will find many Dutch town in NY state.  The same is said for the term Yankee.(wikipedia)  Pronounce Jan-Kees as an Native American speaker and you will hear “Yankee” .

So Jan-Kees embraces both Dutch and American.  Now to further seal the duality, the port of registration is Amsterdam, Texas ( since Deb is from Texas)



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