PLEASE PULL OVER !!! Flashing Blue lights!!!

So this Sunday morning we set of at 09:00 and when we arrived at the first bridge in Delft, de Hambrug, there was no response to a few VHF  Hails.  Looking on the ANWB app, it showed , NO SERVICE until 10 AM Sunday’s.  So we decided to moor up at the side. Just when we were moored, I saw the telephone number on the ANWB App and called it, The lady at Leidschendam Central said , NO we start working at 9 AM, so we will open the bridge for you . Relieved we set off, and when ever we got close to a bridge, we quickly saw the red-red change into Red-Green. 

Oostpoort brug h

Then past the Koepoort brug, we saw a bunch of skiff rowers.  LAGA the Student rowing club was out in full force, and being Skiff rowers, THEY owned the canal, according to their behavior.    We kept encountering them, paying absolutely no attention to the people around them. Then we arrive at the Hoorn Brug, where the height is 4.1 Meter and the movable part is 2.4 M . So we aim for the 4.1 Meter, we stopped to let some skiff rowers pass, and slowly ease in.   While we are under the bridge, a 6 person skiff comes in and bitches and tells us to use the other side.   Just past the bridge there was another whole swarm of skiff rowers.

The central bridge control, gives us the go ahead for the  nieuwe and oude Tolbrug Den Haag, and they turn the lights Red-Green on the Kerk Brug.  And surprise surprise, a Police car stops and waves to us and point to the mooring place.  I start to chuckle….bloody Students …their manhood must have been hurt by us not bowing to them.  Deb throws the rope, the bridge opens, I hail Leidschendam Control, and tell them sorry we can’t make the bridge the police stopped us.  So when we are tied up the 2 police offers look and look and look and  blurt out “we can not come aboard now” .  Well that is NOT my problem.. YOU directed us to tie up there.   
I do my story.  “there are 2 openings..One I can go through without interrupting traffic the other is too low for us, there are yellow light , which means watch out.  We are in the bridge and the rowers demand we move away for them, while they could have used the other” . The police asks a few more questions. like what is your length, are you a commercial, because I see a registration number there. (the US Coast Guard registration) Then they want to see some ID of me, to which I reply “sure come aboard”, creating dumb founded looks.  So I throw out “wait ..I’ll text them to you ”  The police hails some other person on their radio and wish us a great day and leave.  We continue our trip and just before Leidschendam lock a person in an official jacket of Rijks Waterstaat, the ministry which controls the waterways, on a moped shouts at us “are you continuing ?”    “Yes to Zaandam” was my reply.  “O’K . I have something for you “.   I think Holy Mackerel what do they want NOW ??????
We enter the lock an elderly lady comes close and takes the mooring line from Deb. I step ashore, and I see that person of the central control.   “We saw all what happend and overheard it, so we wanted to give you a present”.  He hands me a brochure “how to sail safe”, I look a bit surprised, he smiles and hands me a key hanger.  “Yes the brochure is for the rowers next time, just give it to them, they are always a BIG problem” we all chuckled.

Onwards we went to Leiden, where our main delay would probably be the railway bridge, so just as we are ready to throw lines over a bollard, we see the light go Red-Green !   wow no wait time and we continue.  Arrived at Kever Haven at 13:30

Here is Today’s Track


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