Happy birthday

Yes today it is Deb’s Birthday, and she was gently woken up by the smell of fresh crispy bacon and coffee.  First order is move the boat, since the Swaen wants to move out and there are free spots on the dock.

After we moved I turned on the Kabola, so we could take a nice long hot shower, but grabbing the valve switch I saw that one on the electric control lines was loose.  Must have happened when I was scowering round there figuring out why the breaker for the heating outlets kept switching off ( While installing the 24V DC line to the 24V Breaker box, I must have pulled the wires in the main heating switch, causing it to earth leak)  Since there were many wires, I tried hunting the manual, but remembered I never had one.  So I grabbed a quick picture of the valve and saw that I had to reconnect the brown wire.  Blue is Neutral, Green is Vetus, Brown is Kabola to the switch .


Problem solved and a hot shower, in the mean time the harbor emptied itself. A few barges passed by, one with the text “Here (sails) goes a sixteen 18 wheeler caravan” .  This is probably done to show the grumbling  people who whine about the bridge openings.  Remember how efficient transport by water is, compared to road.

A bit later a gravel barge came along.  Here you can see how it has to slowly maneuver to go around the bend here in Delft.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Then just before 18:00 the Michielsen Gang showed up, fully packed and loaded.  Lindy and Roy were going afterwards to a party in Goes.  Once seated the big question was ” when will Marius and Wilma arrive” .. 2 minutes later.   After the obligatory Dutch way of congratulation everybody with Deb’s Birthday, we had coffee and beer in the common, group therapy circle, so well described in the many books written by Ex-Pats about the Dutch.
At 18:00 Matthijs showed up with his electric sloop to take us round the Delft Canals.  Where to great joy of Marius, he revealed that in the middle ages, Delft was the Beer brewery center of Holland with over 400  breweries.  And as cute fact, the roads along the canals angle towards, the canals, so that it was less work rolling the barges into the barges for transport.


As you can see there were a few very very low bridges.  As Renata, just recovers, from the Bridge duck and sees another great building.  Matthijs dropped us off close to the Beesten markt, where we went to Spijshuis De Dis for Deb’s tasting Birthday dinner.



The staff was excellent.   At a sudden moment Marius asked for a cup of coffee. Deb quickly quipped….that must be in a beer glass, you can’t drink coffee, so the staff obliged.

Then wen Daniel needed a beer, we were able to have him sip it out of a coffee cup, since Daniel never drinks coffee.

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