Peggy Pushing the Dutch Tolerance Test

So this Monday was boating to the de Zaanse schans day.  But the shopping gods prevailed.     There had to be a day shopping in Amsterdam, and another trip to see to the redlight district, to see if the first visit was a fluke.   It was kinda dead.
But first we had to do laundry, so most clothes were clean to be worn in Paris. And yes the girls did use the Dutch cheap way and quick way of drying.


Since the arrival was a mix up of ‘where are you’ a field trip to the airport railway station was combined with a swapping of cheese with Sara, who was coming back that afternoon from Graz< Austria, where she was aiding Deb.


Then of to the Amsterdam Central station, and after a quick stroll, going with the flow of the hundreds and hundreds of tourists and thousands of bikes we ended up in the Kalver Straat.  The busiest ( but not most expensive) shopping streets in Amsterdam.  It was a bit of a job trying to keep an eye on both of them, since Peggy and Megan kept disappearing  to different stores and once out of the store moving on, with little regard where the other was.  We ended up on the Dam square where we again saw a person making bubbles and some other performers.
By that time Peggy’s mood changed, so food was needed.  Now before we come to that , please watch Dutch Tolerance Test about the well known Dutch Tolerance.   So you know what could have happened when Peggy kept going on about needing Ketchup.  BUT at this pizzeria she found …..ketchup…the first one….so she ordered French(ed) Fries,  While Megan and I gobbled up a margarita Pizza.



And yes the Hellmans mayonaise is real mayonaise, unlike the version they sell in the USA.  Hellmans got into a legal battle a while back, about some vegan mixture using the term Mayonaise.  Hellmans got the judge to agree the vegan mixture was NOT Mayonaise,  BUT according to the judge Hellmans was neither…..according to the European quality laws there were not ENOUGH eggs in their mayonaise. So Hellmans was also forbidden to use the term Mayonaise on their ‘mayonaise’ until they changed the formula.

The stroll through the redlight district was another dud … we made our way back to the railway station, stopping every few feet, because Peggy saw another interesting building, where she needed to make a picture of.

One thought on “Peggy Pushing the Dutch Tolerance Test

  1. We took the girls to that Dutch city, didn’t we? There’s a picture of them in Dutch costume taken there I believe.
    Precious to me.

    It sounds like Peggy and Megan are having a ball.
    You – not so sure.

    Your writing is very good.


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