I better have warm water, or………….and Delft

So it is a bright and sunny morning, just around 8:45 I saw Ron’s van drive over the pedestrian walkway bridge, so I quickly pressed the Senseo to make coffee for him.  Walked out, past the sleeping beauties, with a small serving tray and stood on the front deck!   He made a big smile, and admitted that this had never happened to him.  We chatted a but, and I found out he used to barge in France on his own Spits, which he later converted to his floating home just in front of the marina.

IMG_3169.JPGAfter his coffee Ron went into the barge, walked passed the sleeping beauties and……………..went into the back roef and fitted the small brass ring in the coupling which was missing according to him yesterday.  Hopped in the main engine room and turned thekabola on, it started sucking air, and voila…………..fire….in the heating chamber….Perfect.  So when the sleeping beauties wake up, I was told that 8 am would be their wake up time since there would be a 9 am departure and “There BETTER BE hot water”.  There is piping hot water, and mr sandman is stil very much present, or just jetlag denial.


Once up we will go to the railway station, re-up their public transport cards, take the train to Den Haag, use the tram to the beach and boardwalk, and the Kurhaus, which is has new owners.  The new ownership is showing unfortunately.  The Kurhaus used to be one of the pinnacles in service, now the average restaurant is their equal…sad.  From there we take Tram 1 to Delft, along the Vliet, to the stop aan de schiekade where I hired Delft Canal Hopper to take us around like I did with Deb, Sara and Cathy.    A view from the canals.  and we will eat at spijshuis de Dis.

So finally around 9:45 I was able to wake up Megan by serving her coffee in bed and after 30 minutes she took her shower.  Peg did not took the shower !!!!



Off to the railway station when Megan remarked to Peg, you DO have your public transport card with you don’t you ?   uhhhh . noooo..so back to the barge, to pick up her card and her hat. Added 40 Euro’s to the cards and off we went to Den Haag.   Sat on top of an intercity with a great view.

In Den Haag we stepped onto tram 19, where we were packed like sardines, luckily some left at Madurodam, Holland on a scale 1:25 and the boy with his finger in the dike .  Which never happened but ah well. Got of at the Kurhaus, and we had some patat Oorlog as typical Boardwalk food.  Peg was still hungry, so we sat down of lunch.   Beers for me, Goat cheese salad for Megan and Apple pancake for Peg.

IMG_3171.JPGAnd off to Tram 1 to Delft.  In the tram I called Matthijs from the canal hopper, stating we were on our way and needed a picknick basket ( which was suppose to be lunch  !!!) so I had to call Huszar for food, while discussing food, the word brownie was mentioned and Megan shaked her head, YES legal weed brownies, which was overheard by 3 girls sitting in front of us. That made them giggle a lot, turn around and say they usually taste like shit!

At the stop in Delft it was a short walk to the boat, where Matthijs was waiting already . Huszar had a nice little crate filled with a light white wine, glasses, cheese, brownies ….without the weed which Americans stuff in it..veggie chips, fruit, and water. Matthijs again did a great job showing Delft from below.  And I let him stop at the Fish Market to let us off, for a quick stroll on the Thursday market. Yes they saw the BIG wooden shoe, so here it is….


We did stop at Wapen van Oranje, for some more refreshments, and strolled over to the Beesten Markt, to Spijshuis de Dis.   Because it was such great weather we sat outside, which Megan soooooooo adored ..it is soooooo lovely.  The specials were Halibut and Duck Breast,  so Megan went for the halibut and I went for the breast, Peggy went for the beer braised beef.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Since the Duck Breast was not perfect, and Jan the chef was not there, I was not in the mood to discuss it to much and together with the waiter we decided that giving Megan a Genever tasting would make up for it.  After Hushing Peggy a few times and reading her the riot act, about patience with food and plates NOT being cleared the moment you put the last bite in your mouth dessert came.   Gosh I should have worn a raincoat or protective gear, these girls were going to war over it.


Walking back to the Railway station Megan decided to play a Big slot machine standing in front of the Railway Station and she hit a Jack Pot…a tourist map of Delft.



We took the train to Amsterdam Sloterdijk where we needed to change trains to Zaandam.  Pretty much all 2nd class seats were taken so when we entered the silent 1st class part I just sat down and to quickly meet Mr Sandman.  In Sloterdijk we exited the train, but forgot to check the balance on the public transport cards.  Mine gets up-charged automatic, the ones the girls have not. And you need a balance of 20 Euro’s to enter a train platform.  Because Sloterdijk has two different tracks crossing each other  we had to change track, which means check out and check in .  Well checking out always works, I checked in …and while halfway through the security gate, looked back and saw Megan with big sad eyes looking …..her card would not let in..balance TOOOOOO low.  Another person checked in, and I nudges Megan and Peggy to quickly run through the gate.  I walked to the kiosk to top up their cards, and decide we needed to cheat the NS rail out of about 1 or 2 Euro’s because of the stress they brought the girls.  The next stop was Zaandam and I upped the cards with another 40 Euro’s.  so we came back around 21:30

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