How many females can he keep up with ….

Yes the other boaters in the marina are starting to ask..Last week your wife and 2 other females, This week a mother and her daughter.  Poor guy ..will this be the 583th time to the Rijks Museum, 293th time to the Anne Frank House, and 1,001st time you explaining Panne Koeken ( Pan cakes)

Yes it is fun to have a deluge of guests.  The sofa on the pilot house has been a great bed for me. ( it wil be a total of 24 days this trip ) .  We stil have the Murchland’s to come after this group.  And yes I am starting to feel a bit like the head steward on the “below decks series”.  I even adapted the “my pleasure” when a guests ask for something.

Today July 3rd, Peggy and Megan were still dead asleep at my normal waking up time of 5 am.  Hey, it is LIGHT outside so why be sleeping.  The sun starts pouring energy in the solar panels, so coffee is great.  Did work for Vetport, and ignored the usual verbal explosions of some of the people there.

The yellow part of the deck was covered with light pearls of condensation.  The part with was covered in primer was dry.  Yes the energy absorption is really noticeable.  During the day you can touch the Yellow without fear of being burned, but the part covered in grey primer, is hot enough to fry an egg.   So I grabbed the paint and roller as quiet as a mouse and snuck out, and started putting a first coat of yellow over the primer.    Now the top deck is nearly all repainted.  We still have to apply the 2nd and 3rd coat on some parts and some parts only need a 3rd.  Then when the sides are done I can apply a 4th and probably 5th coat.  When we bought Jan-Kees, the previous owner had not done much paint upkeep for a few years, so it was really needed.

Megan woke up, and I had to show her how you really slice Old Gouda. By the time Peggy woke up, it was time for me to go to the dentist, 2nd and final root canal this trip.  While cycling halfway I realized I forgot my big Iphone with music.  I NEED my noise canceling head phones and music to drown out any noise the dentist made.  Luckily I could download some music while cycling.  Yes I rather to to Iraq, Iran orLebanon, in high heels, lingerie and NO weapons, than to the dentist, and I would still feel more comfortable there than at the dentist.  But the dentist who is from Poland is good, and I am slowly loosing some of my apprehension.
IMG_3149.JPGComing back the girls were ready to go to town, explore, and say “wow that is cute’ at nearly every house.   At the shoe store, which had a sale, they just vanished, to come out 30 minutes later with a lot of new shoes.
Megan had to try the FeBo.  it is like one of these 1950’s automatic.   You put your 2 Euro’s in, look to the window and open it to get your snack out.  Great for midnight hangover snacks.  Megan grabbed a Sateh Croquette  ( spicy grilled chicken with peanut sauce in a croquette form), and I got her a Bami Ball ( deep fried Indonesian Noodles, so a VERY Dutch dish ).  She preferred the Bami Ball.




After that I had to dash to the town hall to pickup some papers,  Peggy found a coffee machine and grabbed some free coffee, and was surprised she did not had to pay 50 Euro cents to go to the bathroom.  At the same time Megan was making sounds like delighted squirell who found its nuts in the middle of the snow, because there was free WiFi



Since Monet lived and painted in Zaandam Peggy had to make a picture from the same spot Monet was sitting when painting his Blue House, which si 1 minute walking from the barge.

We did stopped at Albert Heyn, a nice grocery store ( Just in case you did not know they also own Red Lion, Piggly Wiggle and a bunch more US based grocery chains) . In AH ( Albert Heyn)  Megan was like a 4 yr old in a candy store, grabbing anything and anything in my shopping basket, until she grabbed some French cheese and I had to threaten her with arrest by the dutch police since we are very tolerant, BUT some things are NOT allowed.  Peggy was told a few time “MOM we are NOT at home so DON’T buy the same stuff you are used to at home” .  In the housekeeping department I did had to show them GLASSEX.

Back at the boat, after unpacking the groceries, we were met with the quack quack of the duck with her 5 ducklings.   Deb, Sarah and Cathy were well trained by mother duck to feed her and her offspring, so Megan took up that task,  she even climbed down on the construction floater, next to the barge.

IMG_3160.JPG .          IMG_3161.JPG

After some rest and RUDE interruptions by the constant ‘ping ping ping ping’ of Vetport, we walked to the lock for pancakes.  We decided on 2 large ones, a Mexican one and a Boeren Pannekoek ( Farmers  pancake)   Nicely filled with smoked bacon, ham, caramelized onions etc.  They were split amongst us 3 and vanished like snow for the sun. Too quickly gone to make a picture.
Megan chatted a bit with the waitress about differences in work.  We also put in an order for poffertjes with fresh strawberries and chocolate syrup.  It took  a while, Peggy did asked me a few times if I had put the order in, to which Megan corrected her with “Chill we are not at home eating quickly, enjoy it”.  the waitress must have overheard that because she came out feeling embarrassed …., because the owner just took a walk to his sons restaurant on the other side of the lock.


They were NEARLY devoured when Megan realized she had to take a picture.

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