wait…they are closed ….whatttttt

Yes.Action was closed by the time I get there. Oh they are a bunch of professionals ..NO they are retail, but like normal human beings they need life work balance.  Action is a great store to buy anything and everything cheap, especially if you want to use it only once.  Yes their products are not TOP quality, but if you need to use a tool only a few times why spend 40 Euro’s when you can get the action one for 9 Euro’s.  So why the they are closed…..well they close at 18:00 ( or 6 pm for the twice 12 hour people).   Except on Thursday’s, which is shopping evening, then they are open till 21:00.  Some cities have ‘koop avond’ on Friday’s.
Just as in France it is quite common for a grocery to be closed for an hour or longer for lunch.  The lock keepers have their ‘golden hour’ 12:00 – 13:00 and do NOT dare to drive your boat into the lock.  So yes many retail stores close at 6, most are closed Sunday’s and Monday’s.  I know you will ask “BUT what will I do when I can’t go to the mall on Sunday?”   you just have fun with the family or friends, walk to the park, cycle to the beach

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