A better Bilge Pump System

So to get rid of the water we put in a bilge pump.  There are two kinds, the centrifugal one and the diaphragm pump.  And for detection a float switch.  the centrifugal pump can only keep moving liquid until the liquid reaches the ‘height’ of half the wheel, which is spinning to evacuate the water.   So water always remains in the bilge from 1/2″ to 1″
A diaphragm pump is self priming and can get all the water out, and if you let it run after the float switch switches of, you could reach total dryness……. for a period….until the water comes sneaking in again slowly and slowly, until it reaches the level where the float switch turns the pump on again.  Which could be days, weeks.  All this time the water sites there, making it dirty and humid.  So we need to find a better way to deal with this.

I wil post about float switch ideas later, but the end idea comes down to this.

Use a diaphragm pump, turn it on for 60 seconds, have a flowmeter in the line which pumps up the water.  If there were counts, turn the pump on again for 60 seconds, until the pump was on for 60 seconds with no counts.    Let the pump wait for 60 minutes and repeat.  IF there was water again, you let the pump repeat it after another period of 60 minutes.  IF there was again water that time,  reduce the wait time by 2, making it 30 minutes.  now if the first time there was NO water, you repeat it like above, but after 2  wait period with no water, no count, you double the wait period and continue until you get to 64 hours…if anytime during this, there is water, the system hold the wait period and then starts increasing or decreasing it .




wait_time = 1800 ( seconds)
Increase_time = 0
pump_on = 60 ( seconds)
Pulse_count =0
Incremental_count =0
Continue_pumping = 0


Pump on 60 second .     is there a pulse_count?
Incremental_count = Incremental_count + pulse_count . ( keep track of how much)
NO                   (means no water this cycle)  .
is continue_pumping 0?
YES.      continue_pump = 0 .      ( reset we found water)
increase time = increase_time +1,   ( increase the double/half counter
if increase_time = 2 ?
then wait_time = wait_time X 2
display the wait_time and the Incremental_count
wait the wait_time, and go to PUMP
else wait the wait_time, and go to PUMP
NO          increase_time = increase_time =-1
if increase_time = -2 ?
then wait_time = wait_time / 2;
wait the wait_time, and go to PUMP
else    wait the wait_time, and go to PUMP

YES (means water) .   Continue_pumping =1
go to PUMP


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