Rainbows ( no unicorns) on the water

Saturday August 5

Today is gay pride on the water, always a blast.  And like Deb says …”Dutch peopel seem to make a party of anything” .  Daniel told us it would start around 1:30.  Mint came to Jan-kees and we walked to the train station, used our ‘multi-pass”  (Like in the movie the Vth element, but in Holland it is called  OV kaart)


proud of scouting with the following slogan

One of the scout management had to be . Trump supporter I saw him wearing the MAGA slogan on his hat


Here are some more pictures of the parade.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Once the parade was finished we just sat for another hour to see all the boats zoom and zig-zag and slowly flow away.   We then took the Orange electric sloop out of Amsterdam, and over the very busy Noordzee Kanaal to Zaanstad.


Deb in the sun in sloop

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