the GPS says.

Wednesday July 19

Yes it was a sad day for Lam….having to return to the world of reality, report requests, SQL programming, blistering heat and humidity, wine triple the price than in the Zaandam supermarket, but we all knew the bliss had to end, until next time.  Luckily his flight had a 3 hour delay, so no need to rush very early in the morning.IMG_1811  As you can see the Pirate Mermaid and Singapore flag were still on the mast.

The trip to schiphol was quick.  The departure level was packed.  Then while sipping Coffee I get the text “Had to file for a C


anadian Electronic Transfer Authorization .    Just transfering through Toronto. $55” . “waiting for my email confirmation.


May take UP to 3 hours….I MAY miss my flight because they cannot check me in unless I have the authorization” .  The nerve wrecking waiting started.   I did reply ” I m standing by to pick you up if need be” . Hoping to relieve pressure.   Then I went online to read about this and I came about this.

So Lam got caught in one of the advertised websites, since he did so on his phone…..a few minutes later he got the ETF and made it to the gate just when they were boarding.    Fast forward for the rest of the ‘trains plans and automobiles’. Once in Toronto, he had missed his flight to Chicago.and had to be rebooked.  Then when Lam landed in Chicago, he had missed his Dayton connection.   So basically the delay from AirCanada made him miss his United flight, meaning he had to spend a night in a hotel.  Make note NEVER book a ticket with multiple airlines ( esp not on miles) because they play   ‘it is >>>> their fault”

Early afternoon we went to Bep and Jesse and Wilma, cliff and Timmy for coffee.  And after coffee we went to Ikea to buy the next set of Ikea wall cabinets to be used in the front of the boat. Deb & Wilma wanted to see everything on display, so I used the short cuts to get to the kitchen department, and start the order.  Since I had everything already planned the order was quite quickly, we entered the data and the delivery, since we did not wanted to haul everything to the boat.  When Deb arrived I wanted to make sure I had the correct doors, and we found out that the wrong doors were on the order ( they sounded close to the real ones we needed) so the order had to be adjusted again.   A quick bite in the restaurant there and follow the maze to check out.  En route there we found a nice ‘breakfast in bed’ serving tray/table, and we also found a clothes hanger which we could fit in the kitchen  cabinets for shorts,   BUT off course the with was wrong…the Cabinets are 60 cm and the contraption i either 50 or 75  cm.    I bought both to try.  The large one cut off and reweld, the short one, with wood blocks.

Tomorrow 4 daagse.




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