Sand, Fish, Pinot Gris and heaven.

The 18th started at 1 am….as usual I was wide awake after 1 am, so made a sandwich, scoured the internet for some news and went back to bed at 3 am, to be woken up at 6 am as usual.    I tried to keep as quiet as a mouse, since Deb and Lam were both sleeping.  After a few minutes Lam dryly whispered…I know you are trying to be still, but I am getting up and take a shower…”how late is it” .    when I answered I heard “HELL no I am NOT getting up”.  so I moved quietly below again to check emails and work, servers and work in the Amazon management console.

Around 8 Lam woke up, and quietly sneaked out of the pilot house to go to the showers.  When Lam came back we quietly discussed a few boat items and came to some consensus how the pilot house and back deck should be done in the future, more about that later.

Around 10 am it was time to get Deb up and slowly get on our way.  First we detoured to the ‘second hand boat shop” in Baambrugge.  We found a nice brass water fill opening, 2 passenger life jackets.  then we continued to one of the must stops in every trip….The Kurhaus in Scheveningen, yes try to pronounce it like a Dutchman:)
Parking ended up in waiting in line and driving all around the parking garage trying to find a spot but we did. The short stroll to the Kuhrhaus and into the entrance, up the stairs into the grand dining room to the ‘serre’ .  but … was all set up for dinner…..what? …no . :(….but a quick glance to the left, showed they made a larger bar/patio area.  Found a great table overviewing the beach and the sea.     As usual the service was perfect, beer with 2 fingers of froth. the logo properly facing the the client, the waiter not reaching over the table, to serve the 3rd drink..perfect.    But the wait staff did stepped into the new century,  until recently a waiter took the order, remembered it and entered it into the point of sale system out of sight.  The bitterballen came quickly and tasted again so good….  but..the lingering smell of fried kibbeling and Patat overwhelmed Deb & Lam, so we had

IMG_1800 to go on the board walk and get Kibbelingen and Patat Speciaal and Patat Oorlog      Then it was to the pier,  we sat down for a bit in the shade.



Lam and Deb went for a stroll on the sand and to get their feet wet in the Ocean.  which also means ….getting the sand away before the shoes go on.


Once the shoes were on, back in the car and off to Delft.  In Delft we parked on the square at ‘willem van Oranje” where I have been going for the past 45 + years, when it started with Friday evening dinners while working at Talens Foto While we waited for Daniel and Mint, we got some Bitterballen, who were fried too much, and some good beers.  Once we had these appetizers, it was a short stroll to the beestenmarkt.  On the way there I took them along the Maria van Jesse Church, which was the original place of the house of Johannes Vermeer, and then through the steeg next to it to the Burgwall and Beestenmarkt where we drifted into Spijshuis De Dis, where chef Jan had ket a nice 5 person tabel outside.  I discovered Jan about 16 years ago trying to find creative good food.   Jan has his menu based on 17th century ( golden age)  recipes, when the Dutch trade was spreading spices around the world.

Our waitress was a very friendly Portugese woman, and she handed out menus’.  Lam started salivating about the fish choices and the way they would be prepared.

When the waitress asked what we wanted to drink I told her to go to Jn and ask him what we should drink,  She same back with a waiter who has worked there longer and he started talking about a tasting menu, about halfway his sentence I told him to just do it for all 5.  Jan has never disappointed ( yet? ), so off course.  The next question was if there was a preference for more fish or more meat, to which we choose more fish.

The wine which came out was a nice Pinot Griz IMG_1806

The selection of appetizers came in, and I only remember a few of them.  I dont care what was in them…they just tasted delightful, paired with the wine,  they vanished with sound of angels sing…….there were some nice cured meat slices, a sauteed mushroom wth a slice of goat cheese, some smoked fish and a philo dough basket with goat cheese and some other ingredients.

Then the main selection of fish and meats came, including an great assortment of veggies.  Lam and I joked about getting Mike of the Pacific Kitchen together with Jan and do cook-off, who knows…………

And then…I know I whispered to the waiter “cloggie” .  so I expected one of the signature deserts to come,  but Jan must have been in a ‘mean ‘ mood because the waitstaff showed up with 5 ……IMG_1807

Mint and Daniel working on their desert, usually a wooden shoe is enough desert for 2 -3 persons


Even Deb who hardly EVER eats desert enjoyed it and finished a whole  Cloggie !

When we ordered coffee Daniel wanted something sweet, so he got Amaretto.  Deb got Benedictine, which she tried to sip, and did not enjoyed it, until she poured it in her coffee and yes, she enjoyed it.  Lam put on his puzzled face and looked quizzically to me, and together with the waiter we told him Koren wijn.   The face expression of Lam was priceless,  bewildered…puzzled…… aghast…  ..”you ordered me some kind of Genever?’  …”No No I replied, it is wheat wine” .  when it arrived he smelled, tasted and his eyes glazed over……..”it taste like whiskey, Jan” .   to which I replied……”well we just had a 50 bottle whisky, whiskey and bourbon tasting at the Pacific Kitchen…so why not go for something like that ”

After some more lingering we had to drive back to Jan-kees.     While on Jan-kees, Deb went to bed and Lam and I chatted for a bit, until it was past midnight and I wanted to go to bed, but it was Lam’s last night on Jan-kees, and he was not ready to go to sleep, since he had to return to the humidity and sweltering heat in Ohio and work the next day

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