Arrived July 17

After a very uneventful flight with hardly any sleep, but great silence thanks to the noise canceling head phones. we were greeted by the familiar “Mind your Step” voice from the rolling pathway. Then a quick good morning of the Dutch Immigration (a female Wachtmeester of the KMAR)  we stroled to the luggage belt.  The moment we arrived the luggage was being dropped off, and we quickly saw my Orange bag.  Deb’s bag  did not showed itself, so we waited and waited and at a sudden moment Deb pointed to a black bag, I shook my head, her bag had a jeans/ western print……BUT only on the front.  So the poor bag was going round and round without being noticed.   Moving onto the Rental car counter, we were met with long long queue.  Finally we got our papers and it was a ….Fiat 500…. Up the walking bridge, the stretch to the elevator, down 2 floors and we got the number of the car and it was a new car, only 3 km.  The rental agent pointed….”it is behind the poster.  and there was a cute white Fiat with an Italian license, but there were dings on it.    Confusion abound…..walked back to the rental agent and he gave me the location again…..well it was not the w

hite one , it was the black Fiat 2 doors over.  Loaded up and off we went.

Leaving the parking garage we turned on Homer,

IMG_1810who quickly guided us to Zaandam. Unloaded, walked the Jetta and there he was…Jan-Kees

The first thing we noticed was the new railing which Daniel had put on  during the weekend, and painted in primer.




We dropped our luggage, opened the windows shades, windows and wheel house top doors to get the air flowing and dropped on the bed exhausted.


About 40 – 50 minutes later we hear “hello hello” . it was Lam who just returned from his trip to Paris.

He took the train the 13 to be in Paris with Bastille day, and just got back.  He was able to secure some great chocolates and wines.

We just chatted and relaxed, when to the Turkish Donar place, bought food, sat int he wheel house, drank more wine and fell asleep bliss fully.
















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