Hey Jan is the boat locked?

WHAT…this message popped-up on Whatsapp.  Well yeahhhhh the boat is locked!,  Lam texted me this message, so because of all the commotion with his work he forgot to take the keys with him, and he was already in Chicago waiting for his final segment.   So a quick back and forth texting started.  Where to first solution was Daniel arriving tomorrow at the boat after work, and then a second solution was pulled out of the hat by me; Mint, she was off work tomorrow and with the offering of a big bag of Dark Chocolate M&M’s she would drive by Daniel and get the keys and meet Lam between 12:00 and 13:00.  Since his plane lands at 10:20 he might have to wait a bit…so he bought a nice bottle of aged rum.  More to come.

So at 05:25 EST  ( 11:25 local) I got the text  “At Jan-kees, harbor master had keys, Zaandam is very nice.Almost bucolic, checking if shore power is on, so the M&M’s don’t melt”.  I read it and went back to sleep, to text back at 07:45 EST.  Then Lam calls, all happy, about the Market, eating Kibbelingen, shopping at Hema and the fact that he is on hollliday and does not need to do didly!

A good start after all .

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