May Trips

We did go twice to Uitgeest with the boat.

The first time was with Remy, we did so the 1st of May.  We were followed by Cornelius in his sailing boat.   Leaving Dukra, I called the lock on the VHF, but no response, a few minutes later, again tried to ..Then at a sudden moment ” This is a group channel” or so ….DUH the vhf was on channel 20, while it had to be on channel 18.   We puttered around a bit for the lock, Cornelius cam racing out, and we heard the lock stating there was a commercial going in with us, a few words back and forth and we were allowed to go in first, BUT the lockmaster ( mistress actually this time)  kept mentioning she could not raise the sail boat.  I jumped in and notified all that I would warn the sailboat and off we went.  Luckily the first bridge went open, because it ws very close for us with the roof clearance. Marc did the ropes.


After the lock we let the commercial go first since he would open all bridges, which was important for Cornelius.

Here we are entering the rail road bridge





Remy took the wheel for a bit, and I took over for the bridges.


In Uitgeest, the Alkmaarder meer, there was some wind from the east, and after looking I wanted to go to the dock with the wind behind us . ( baaaad….) . so I went back on the lake….and turned around, and redid the mooring with the head into the wind.   Daniel was already there and shaking his head because I was going a tad too fast.

marc_wheel_cornelius watching.JPG

May 4, Thursday we went back, because Ron was coming on Friday for some discussion etc.

Cornelius went back with us which made it quite relaxing, since there was a lot of wind.


May 6, Saturday we went back to Uitgeest again, filled up the tank. E45.60 Moored next to Oving1 and finished the solar panels, the Inverter.


Marc Enjoying lunch.








Next to Oving1

On the Alkmaarder meer you can only stay 3 days at the same ‘wild’ mooring post, so Daniel had to move his boat ( plus jan-kees, plus the orange sloop whom both were moored along side)  He pulled up his spud pole, and puttered of to a nice wild mooring place.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



May 9, Tuesday we went back to Dukra, there was a lot of wind, as you can see.  When we came to the  Stierop, scouting area we saw a big commercial coming after us, so I gave a bit more throttle, so we could get into markervaart before them , and then ease back and let them open the bridges.



A nice peaceful sunny day, the solar panles giving enough power to make coffee and do other things.   Under the Raildroad bridge I stopped the boat and let Marc measure up the distance from the bridge to the front deck, and to the pilot house roof, so we could make a correct height Geusje in the front ( 95 cm)

Arriving at the Zaandam lock we saw 3 commercials before us, so we just drifted along . a nice very well painted Tjalk came along , waved at us and wanted to tell us all about their trip last year to the west coast and National parks.

Out of the lock we turned into Dukra we went under the bridge and at a sudden moment the bells went off,  It seemed the water was a big higher and the solar panels on top triggered the automatic opening.

Going into the mooring was a piece of cake, except as usual the dingy of the neighbors was pretty much in our space.

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