So you want to control things and see what is on and off.  On Serenity we have this breaker/switch panel custom made by BlueSeas Systems.  But that is just not a good fit here.    The breakers will be close to the 2 inverters.  The layout is much simpler, less circuits.

For switches in the pilot house we will have:
24 V
Bilges                        On/Off/(on)
Engine Exhaust fans  On/Off
Remote Battery       On/Off
Water Pump            On/Off
Deck wash               On/Off
Horn .                       (On)/Off
Wipers                      On/Off
Running Lights .     On/Off/On

Hot Water (Vetus)   On/Off
Kabola                       On/Off

These are all Carling Contura switches. Getting switches is easy, but it seems very hard to get 24 V switches with back light  and on/off lights.  I was able to found them at onlinecomponents.com But the 220V and the 24V On/Off/(on) and On/Off/On had a 4 week delivery time.

For actuators.we used rockerswitchpros.com to get  them laser engraved.
Since we also use many many USB powered devices, weusb2 will ad a bunch of USB outlets all over.  First I bought these, but they are too bulky to fit in the carling size panel.

So these will be donated.   And I found smaller ones, without the
usb1voltage readout who will fit in the size of a Carling switch.


For some of the other actuators we got tIMG_1239.JPGhe following.



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