We have 3- 3.40 meter width, and 18.30 meter length.  the previous owner already installed a kitchen area and right across of it on port side the head and shower.  (the barg is 3m wide at the floor level and 3.40 M wide at the waist level, see more at the Sofa)

A bed has to be 2 meter long and at least 160 wide.  Since he front entrance is on the port side, and about 90 cm wide, we would be left with barely 40 cm to the starbord side.  This is not enough for a person to comfortably stand up and walk.  So the decision was made to put the bed sideways, where there would be a 100 cm walking area at the foot of the bed towards the front steps.

In order to have as much storage space, we decided to put the beds on top of Ikea kitchen cabinets.  The wall units are 40 cm high (nearly 16 inches).  we opted for 2 Ikea slat bottoms (Electrical adjustable) of 200 * 80cm  thus making a ‘2 person’ bed of 200 * 160.
This makes the height of he bed a bit over 50 cm.  Perfect for sitting on the bed and getting up.

A first we had the bed poisitioned 40 cm from the front (bow) wall, but that was quite inconvenient, since the steps came out to 80 cm.    So on the next trip we wil move the beds 40+ cm more to the inside , and adjusting the steps a little, so there is some space to walk past.

On each side of the bed we have two 80 cm and one 40 cm Ikea wall cabinet, In the front we have another  80  cm cabinet.  In each of the cabinets we have 2 drawers.

For he ‘dividing wall’  we have also two 80 cm and one 40 cm cabinet, with drawers and on top we have  60 cm high cabinets with doors, making the height 100 cm.  on top of that we placed a Lundia open book shelve system, so there is openness and yes we can close it off (with a curtain or so ).



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