So Jan-kees was a bit short of breath…..a 100 liter fuel tank, which knowing her history is not that strange.  Started of as a ‘vee schuit’ (cattle boat), which also shows why the bow is like a landing craft…easy to gently push against the side of a canal, and load cattle or produce.  then changed careers as ‘vrachtvaarder’  (Cargo Hauler).

100 Liter is good for 10 – 20 hrs boating, depending on the speed, so we needed a larger fuel tank.  So Lars assisted us with making a nice 500 liter fuel tank.  This size fits perfectly in the back area, high enough to leave enough access for the drive shaft

There is  nice inspection hatch, a fuel filter ( the same as Daniel has)  and  very important a volume sender, so we know how much we have. We will connect that to the new Victron Venus,


1 May, 2017

The fuel tanks was coated and dropped in the back of the boat,

Daniel and Cornelius were tackling the a job of putting it in place . First a few loads of older wood had to be dumped, Daniel attacked the exhaust, and was a hampered by some bad welding done by somebody else.    After a few tries he got it pretty closed up..There was one spot where he just could not get it welded closed, and a drop of water would come out once every 10 seconds.   So the coal particles in the exhaust and some rust would close it up according to Daniel.  (After a trip to the Alkmaarder Meer I have not noticed any water dripping from the exhaust)   Daniel decided that there was some rust on the bilge floor, so Cornelius, went to battle, attacking the floor. He gathered in one day about a 10 Literrust_hole.JPG bucket with loose rust, and he did found a hole in the original hull.   ( which is not such a big deal since the hull is over plated. Here he is pointing it out.)

Once the rust was removed Cornelius put on the primer, and then white bilge coat. So now the rear bilge is white and any problems can be seen quickly.























2 large beams were welded to the engine room wall, so the tank could rest on it.  On these beams we mounted the same neoprene rubber as under the solar panels, just to reduce vibration and noise.

Here Daniel is showing his new hide out

On top of the fuel tank we mounted a large wooden board for the victrons etc.

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